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Letsfair ICO Logo


ICO ends in 1097 Days

Letsfair ICO
Coin Price:0.01 USD
Start Date:01/24/2018
End Date:01/24/2023
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:600,000,000
NCrypto ICO Logo


ICO ends in 281 Days

NCrypto ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:01/24/2019
End Date:10/30/2020
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:5,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,000,000
MenuBuzz ICO Logo


ICO ends in 147 Days

MenuBuzz ICO
Coin Price:0.05 USD
Start Date:05/07/2020
End Date:06/18/2020
Softcap:20,000,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:536,000,000
Tunez ICO Logo


ICO ends in 343 Days

Tunez ICO
Coin Price:0.0002 USD
Start Date:11/04/2018
End Date:12/31/2020
Softcap:500 ETH
Hardcap:2,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:2,000,000,000

Pre ICOs & STOs

Maji191 Token ICO Logo

Maji191 Token

ICO ends in 38 Days

Maji191 Token ICO
Coin Price:1 USD
Start Date:01/01/2020
End Date:03/01/2020
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:1,000,000
UnfoldU IEO ICO Logo

UnfoldU IEO

ICO ends in 343 Days

Coin Price:0.12 ETH
Start Date:12/09/2019
End Date:12/31/2020
Softcap:134,000 ETH
Hardcap:555,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:200,000,000

Softcap Reached ICOs & STOs ICO Logo

ICO ends in 7 Days ICO
Coin Price:0.12 USD
Start Date:12/01/2018
End Date:01/30/2020
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:34,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:500,000,000
Orbis STO ICO Logo

Orbis STO

ICO ends in 24 Days

Coin Price:0.5655 USD
Start Date:12/15/2018
End Date:02/16/2020
Softcap:5,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:40,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:80,000,000
BitValve ICO Logo


ICO ends in 219 Days

BitValve ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:04/15/2019
End Date:08/29/2020
Softcap:1 USD
Hardcap:2,800,000 USD
Coins for Sale:16,203,750

Upcoming ICOs & STOs

MenuBuzz ICO Logo


ICO Start in 105 Days

MenuBuzz ICO
Coin Price:0.05 USD
Start Date:05/07/2020
End Date:06/18/2020
Softcap:20,000,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:536,000,000
Weriz ICO Logo


ICO Start in 130 Days

Weriz ICO
Coin Price:0.25 USD
Start Date:06/01/2020
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:2,500,000 USD
Hardcap:11,280,000 USD
Coins for Sale:48,000,000
AmaStar ICO Logo


ICO Start in 38 Days

AmaStar ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:03/01/2020
End Date:04/15/2020
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:5,500,000 USD
Coins for Sale:66,000,000
weeMarketplaceAccessToken ICO Logo


ICO Start in 2 Days

weeMarketplaceAccessToken ICO
Coin Price:0.01 EUR
Start Date:01/25/2020
End Date:02/15/2020
Softcap:10,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:100,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:10,000,000,000

Low Hardcap ICOs & STOs

GoldFor ICO Logo


ICO ends in 191 Days

GoldFor ICO
Coin Price:1 USD
Start Date:08/01/2018
End Date:08/01/2020
Softcap:1,000,000 USD
Hardcap:4,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:4,000,000
Cryptoriyal ICO Logo


ICO ends in 230 Days

Cryptoriyal ICO
Coin Price:200 USD
Start Date:09/09/2019
End Date:09/09/2020
Softcap:30,000,000 USD
Hardcap:70,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:980,000,000
Venus Mine ICO Logo

Venus Mine

ICO ends in 160 Days

Venus Mine ICO
Coin Price:0.7 USD
Start Date:07/01/2018
End Date:07/01/2020
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:100,240,000
Cartesi ICO Logo


ICO ends in 28 Days

Cartesi ICO
Coin Price:0 USD
Start Date:02/19/2020
End Date:02/20/2020
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:0

ICOs & STOs with confirmed exchange



ICO ends in 801 Days

Coin Price:0.14 USD
Start Date:04/03/2019
End Date:04/03/2022
Softcap:75,000,000 USD
Hardcap:75,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:75,000,000
SilkRoadCoin ICO Logo


ICO ends in 503 Days

SilkRoadCoin ICO
Coin Price:1 EUR
Start Date:01/08/2019
End Date:06/09/2021
Softcap:100,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:1,000,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:1,000,000,000
SpeedKingToken ICO Logo


ICO ends in 15 Days

SpeedKingToken ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:02/07/2020
Softcap:100,000 USD
Hardcap:200,000 USD
Coins for Sale:5,000,000


ICO ends in 565 Days

Coin Price:0.08 USD
Start Date:04/29/2019
End Date:08/10/2021
Softcap:170,000,000 USD
Hardcap:240,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:4,500,000,000

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