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About Us

Initial Coin List was launched in May 2018. 

As ICO investors, finding a great ICO to invest in can be a difficult, overwhelming task (especially with the amount of Icos these days). We’ve all been through the time-consuming inconvenience of sifting through ICO lists. Initial Coin List has been built for the simple purpose of making that task easier.

ICL provides a fast & efficient solution for ICO research. Our ICO list is dynamically created for Investors by Investors! The user can apply their criteria to generate corresponding ICOs & quickly find exactly what they are looking for. As investors, we must do our own research, ICL to provides the tools needed to simplify that search.


How we are different

How are we different than other ICO listing sites
ICO projects & Investors can benefit from an honest platform, providing only clear factual ICO data. 

We believe paid rating systems that are applied to other ICO listing websites provide a fake assurance to investors and have misused the ICO economy.

More on this topic:

Corruption at Ico Listing Site: https://www.initialcoinlist.com/corruption-at-ico-listing-site/

Buying ratings on ICObench – an investigation:(written by Markus Hartmann co-founder of Alethena)https://medium.com/alethena/this-is-how-easy-it-is-to-buy-ico-ratings-an-investigation-13d07e987394

To encourage honest & valuable ICO research InitalCoinList does not offer paid ratings!

In support of a new standard for showcasing Initial Coin Offerings; ICL holds a free monthly Community Battle of the ICOs!
This provides an equal chance for all ICOs to gain exposure for their project while revealing their level of engagement & community support to investors.


ICO Filter tool

ICL filters ICOs based on their technical details.

Available search filters:

  • 32 Categories
  • USA Allowed
  • Currency
  • Unsold coin (burn, team, investors)
  • Soft Cap. $
  • Hard Cap. $
  • # token for sale
  • Exclude red flagged
  • Confirmed Exchanges

More Coming Soon! …


How to use our site

Initial Coin List is a user-based ICO listing site.
Becoming a member of ICL is FREE and will give you access to a personal MyMenu area:

For ICO Project teams:

You can easily edit & update your own Ico:
-this ensures the security of each Icos information to be directly what the team wishes to provide.
-allows easy access for each user to update and modify coins sold, dates and stages as they may need to.. avoiding a waiting period

For users/ ICO Investors:

Easily view saved Favorite ICOs & have access to features such as filter & favorite alerts.

*Members will also have access to post comments in our upcoming Discussion section on each ICO listing page



You can now setup Customized Filter Alerts!
Join us today and get an alert when an ICO matches your filters. 150+ ICOs and growing every day.
Simply select the desired criteria you are looking for in a potential ICO. Activate the bell icon to receive alerts when new ICOs meet your specific filter settings.

We also offer Favorites Alerts. You will be notified by email when a favorite ICOs crowdsale is ending soon. (Favorite an ICO by using the Heart Icon on that Icos page)

RED Flags – Alert other investors by sending a red flag, If an ICO is suspicious or might be a scam



We are pleased to announce additional filters are in the works and upcoming features will be added to our platform soon!

A look into some of our new upcoming filters:
Bounty Box
Country Ban
Airdrop Box
Purpose: Equity, Security, Utility
Working product?
My country
+more TBA



ICL was Built for the ICO community, this is why Community suggestions/ feedback are essential to us & very welcomed! If you would like to see something added to our site just let us know!

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