Ampleforth IEO - was it a scam

Ampleforth, Scam or bot war?

Ampleforth IEO - was it a scam

Ampleforth IEO

The Ampleforth IEO was taking place on Bitfinex June 13th, 2019 at 11:00 am UTC time.

Investors had to do a KYC through Blockpass before the sale starts.

United States citizen was one of the restricted countries during this IEO

Ampleforth scam (fake IEO) theory

The Ampleforth token sale lasted less than a second. Many investors were waiting for the timer to hit the 0 marks. I was one of them, 30 minutes in advance, making sure everything is ready to jump in.

10 minutes before the sales started, 93% of the token suddenly sold.

Ampleforth IEO scam

Investors on their telegram started to complain about the situation.

Quickly, the progress bar has been removed and never seen again. The Ampleforth telegram admin explained that some people have been able to bypass the system and buy Ampleforth before the start.

The admin of the telegram group also stated that the hackers invested money was returned to their original wallets and that the sale would continue its process normally.

The progress bar has never reappeared.

Many on their telegram group claim that the Ampleforth IEO was a scam to manipulate the price. Saying that 93% of the token was sold before the start and leaving only 7% for the retail investors.

Ampleforth sold out in less than 1 second

Ampleforth Bot war?

The other option is that many investors used bot or script to invest faster in the Ampleforth IEO.

The maximum investment was 5000 USD and the hardcap was 4.9 million USD.

That would give the chance to a minimum of 1000 Bitfinex users to invest. Each of those need to pass a full KYC and USA investors were not allowed in the token sale.

The bot war seems a bit far fetched with that kind of individual cap and KYC.

Ampleforth IEO went as planned?

Maybe the Ampleforth IEO went just as planned. If the team really did reimburse the “hackers” that bought 10 minutes before the start.

If they just forgot to put back the progress bar after that event. 

Finally, maybe the demand was huge for the Ampleforth token and so many investors bought within 1 second.

But only 2 telegram users in the Ampleforth group mentioned that they have been able to buy manually, which bring us back to the theory that only 7% of the token was available for retail investors.

Did you invest in Ampleforth?

If you did invest in Ampleforth IEO on Bitfinex, manually or with a bot/script, please let us know.

If you would like to add your version of what happened during the sale or your theory, please leave a comment below.

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From 20seconds before start my login disappeared and I need re-login to continue. When participate I pressed MAX button I thought it was max contribution and I continued the process. You can guess what happened, I got the error and I restarted all again. =(

Richard Ngo

I got in, any person with technical knowledge know this. If you build websites, you know how to do it. Should I share I how did it, no way.

Richard Ngo

chrome dev tools is a gem