Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

What is an IEO?

IEO means Initial Exchange Offering. It is a type of Initial Coin Offering that appeared in late 2017 with Binance launchpad.

It is different than the typical ICO where the investors send their token to a smart contract to receive the new token.  Instead, in an IEO token are created and then sent to an exchange.

The exchange takes care of the sale and distribution of the new token.

Why IEO are so popular?

Initial Exchange Offerings became popular later in 2018, with some IEO doing 5x very quickly once available on the exchange.

Many countries are banned from investing in IEO, which reduce the investor pool and create high demand once available.

IEO also guarantee a listing on an exchange. Which is very important for crypto investors as a way to cash out whenever they want or need to.

Be careful when investing in an IEO

Be careful and do not buy a token/coin just because it is an IEO. All exchanges are not equal. Some lower rank exchange will try to capitalize on the IEO buzz, but if there is no volume, it is pretty much the same as no exchange and you might not be able to sell or at least sell at a decent price.

IEO doesn't mean high return. Early and private investors might have received a huge bonus and could very well dump their token once it hit the market.

Make sure to know all the details concerning those bonuses and if the tokens are frozen for X amount of time.

Initial Exchange Offering List

ICL is working non-stop to provide our user with the best IEO list possible. Check our list often or register to our push notification to make sure you stay updated with new IEOs available.

Our list provides you with all the Active and Upcoming IEOs of 2019. Ended IEO are mixed with all the ended ICOs.

List your IEO on ICL

If you are a team member from an active or upcoming IEO and would like to list your IEO in this list, simply follow these step:

  • Visit our free ICO listing submission page
  • In the section "Confirmed Exchange", simply write "IEO". you can also add the name of the exchange where your token sale is happening.

IEO investors checklist

  • Does the project look viable?
  • Have you read the whitepaper?
  • Is the Token/Coin lock for early and private investors?
  • Is the bonus too big or too? (Big bonus=Big dump)
  • What is the volume on that exchange? 
  • Is it a legit exchange?
  • Sleep on it, Think about it, Never FOMO