Upcoming ICOs & STOs

KryptoRedeem ICO Logo


ICO Start in 3 Days

KryptoRedeem ICO
Coin Price:0.56 USD
Start Date:08/26/2019
End Date:09/01/2019
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:2,500,000 USD
Coins for Sale:10,000,000
Links :
SRX Token ICO Logo

SRX Token

ICO Start in 3 Days

Coin Price:0.00025 ETH
Start Date:08/26/2019
End Date:11/24/2019
Softcap:4,500,000 USD
Hardcap:24,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:600,000,000
Links :
Rokkex STO ICO Logo

Rokkex STO

ICO Start in 3 Days

Rokkex STO ICO
Coin Price:1.1192 USD
Start Date:08/26/2019
End Date:09/23/2019
Softcap:5,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:20,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:20,000,000
Links :
Geco.one ICO Logo


ICO Start in 9 Days

Geco.one ICO
Coin Price:0.25 USD
Start Date:09/01/2019
End Date:10/31/2019
Softcap:1 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:600,000,000
Links :
Crypto Potential ICO Logo

Crypto Potential

ICO Start in 9 Days

Crypto Potential ICO
Coin Price:0.01 USD
Start Date:09/01/2019
End Date:11/15/2019
Softcap:3,000,000 USD
Hardcap:9,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:0
Links :
VIHOR - Sports Challenges ICO Logo

VIHOR - Sports Challenges

ICO Start in 9 Days

VIHOR - Sports Challenges ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:09/01/2019
End Date:11/01/2019
Softcap:8,000,000 USD
Hardcap:20,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:275,000,000
Links :
DEXA Coin ICO Logo


ICO Start in 12 Days

Coin Price:0.00003 USD
Start Date:09/04/2019
End Date:09/10/2019
Softcap:400,000 USD
Hardcap:2,300,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,000,000,000
Links :
EasyGuide ICO Logo


ICO Start in 18 Days

EasyGuide ICO
Coin Price:0.002 USD
Start Date:09/10/2019
End Date:10/10/2019
Softcap:3,000,000 USD
Hardcap:15,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:6,500,000,000
Links :
Reflexion Lounge (XRLO) ICO Logo

Reflexion Lounge (XRLO)

ICO Start in 23 Days

Reflexion Lounge (XRLO) ICO
Coin Price:0.0287 USD
Start Date:09/15/2019
End Date:10/15/2019
Softcap:5,000 ETH
Hardcap:75,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:140,000,000
Links :
Gingr ICO Logo


ICO Start in 39 Days

Gingr ICO
Coin Price:0.1364 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:10/31/2019
Softcap:1,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:20,450,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:500,000,000
Links :
Max Crowdfund ICO Logo

Max Crowdfund

ICO Start in 39 Days

Max Crowdfund ICO
Coin Price:0.010868 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:10/05/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:610,000,000
Links :
Embleema ICO Logo


ICO Start in 48 Days

Embleema ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:10/10/2019
End Date:01/01/2020
Softcap:2,000,000 USD
Hardcap:30,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:150,000,000
Links :


ICO Start in 70 Days

Coin Price:0.85 USD
Start Date:11/01/2019
End Date:12/01/2019
Softcap:4,000,000 USD
Hardcap:40,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:15,000,000
Links :


ICO Start in 96 Days

Coin Price:0.55 USD
Start Date:11/27/2019
End Date:01/10/2020
Softcap:1,500,000 USD
Hardcap:12,500,000 USD
Coins for Sale:30,000,000
Links :

What is an Upcoming ICO?

Upcoming ICOs are exactly what we call them, they are ICO, STO, IEO that are starting soon or later meaning they are not open to investment yet.

Why you should be looking at Upcoming ICO

Upcoming ICOs are of interest because they are not active yet. Meaning that there is no risk of FOMO while looking into them.

Active ICOs have only one goal, THEIR HARDCAP. To reach their hardcap, they need investors to jump in and many ICOs know exactly what to do in order to make investors jump in without doing all their due diligence.

When an investor look into an upcoming ICO, he doesn't have that FOMO pressure blurring his vision. The crypto investors can then take the time to analyze any ICO project in depth. It also gives investors the time to assimilate all the information thrown at him and really make the best decision for his portfolio.

Best Upcoming ICO List

Our list of top Upcoming ICOs is always up to date. We are working every day to maintain our list with the best upcoming blockchain and upcoming cryptocurrency crowd sales that are relevant for investors.

Our upcoming ICO list provides

Type of Upcoming ICOs in our list

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Security Token Offerings (STO)
  • Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)
  • Utility Token Offerings (UTO)

For each upcoming ICO, we will provide you with

  • ICO Start date
  • ICO End date
  • ICO Price
  • ICO Hardcap/Softcap
  • ICO complete Tokenomics/Coinomics
  • ICO whitepapers
  • Much more..

Upcoming ICO Checklist

  • Does the project look viable?
  • Have you read the whitepaper?
  • Is the ICO being hyped?
  • What are other crypto investors saying about this ICO?
  • Is the team legit?
  • Sleep on it, Think about it, Never FOMO