Community Battle Of The ICOs Round 2


ICL presents Round Two of Community BATTLE OF THE ICOs!


The battle goal is to bring awareness to different ICOs and give a voice to the community through discussion and voting.

As investors, we must Do Our Own Research & a great place to start is to see the kind of community support an ICO has..
The winning ICO will receive our valued Community Choice Award! Which can be a significant factor for investors to decide
to look further into an ICO.We encourage community discussion, debate and exposure for all 10 of the competing ICOs.

Voting period: September 1st to September 10th.

 NHCT –  Round 2 Winner

ICOs in the battle: VolAirEcomiVegaWalletPanterconCreditCoinYour Data SafeCoinAnalystAQwireNHCToken

Visit our Official BATTLE OF THE ICOs site:


Check out our 9 competing ICOs!

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