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Got a question for neironix
i was reading your wp and saw the projected growth of membership. how do you plan to acheive that growth? Do you offer free trial?


My name is Ikrom. I am project manager at Neironix.

The promotion strategy of Neironix relies on the basics of Agile Marketing — a method for flexible planning of
marketing strategies – and is based on refusal from classic long-term plans for development and spending
of marketing budget in favor of short-term iterations, as well as the possibility of introducing changes to the
strategy at any moment of time.

We also have a very profitable referral program. For each guest friend who bought the subscription, you will receive a reward of 20% of the spent amount of your referrals (in EHT or $) on your referral account Neironix

And for the participants of the token sale there is a similar referral program.
For each friend you bought, who bought a token nrx, you will receive a reward of 20% in tokens to your referral account.



To InitialCoinList Team
Thanks you again for organizing this Battle.

We had a lot of trouble to post using Safari on your website, it still is not resolved.
Also I would like to point that the voting system has clearly been abused on day 3 of the Battle.
I strongly suggest to work on this issue for future battles, ie limiting one vote per IP address.

For all those downvoting people, please post a comment why you do not like our statements.
We are here for an open dialogue.

All the best from Switzerland