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Huynh Dinh Huy

Have a nice day
Iam team inheritance (IEI) this is family p


I know most of the Winto team members in person and I can tell you one thing: These guys are so supercharged that they will make this happen no matter the challenges they face.


Hello everyone,
For inquiries about INHERITANCE please contact me. CEO & Co – Founder INHERITANCE project.
White paper: https://whitepaper.inheritancetoken.org
Bot: https://t.me/inheritance_bot
Group: https://t.me/inheritancetoken
Channel: https://t.me/inheritance_EN_channel

Huynh Dinh Huy


We spend a lot of time, effort and money to create value for the community based on Blockchain 2.0 technology.
We have identified some important factors as follows:

Vision: We created IEI not simply a token product. It is the essence of technology, ideas, high pragmatism.
IEI has its intrinsic value at this time and beyond.

Recalling two Bitcoin stories:
In 2010, the first commercial transaction using bitcoin occurred when programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. BTC has experienced over $ 20,000.
Today btc is over $ 6,000.
What about ETH ?
ETH first went to CMC for $ 2.83, today an ETH is over $ 200. ETH has spent over $ 1000.
This is Blockchain 2.0 because of having smart contract addresses.
How can BTC & ETH achieve that? There is a reason for it.
I hope you can imagine the beautiful future of IEI.
Why we at IEI out that is not another thing ?
IEI is unique, it is unique – it is exclusive to everyone who is financially savvy, financially free, financially free, and IEI is a tool not to preserve. , developing values ​​in life: Finance, inheritance.
You are lucky people because of rare history for the same object. I believe you know this.

Current issue:
One can see that the capitalization of the ICO is slowly losing market share of only $ 279 million in September 2018 compared to $ 2432 million in January 2018.
Cause: There are many causes such as:

80% of projects use ICO to deceive money of investors or they do not want or can not be listed on the exchange to create real value and liquidity for their products.
Followed by too many investors call it rather than speculation ICO wait on the floor and then socialize at all costs to seek immediate profits to participate in other ICO projects. They turn the product into a speculative tool resulting in the project not developing.

In addition, the team and the advisory board are not enough, not enough business ethics, not enough responsibility for the community. They can not create the smart enough to have a healthy competitive edge. There are many other subjective and objective causes.

Proposed some solutions

IEI’s advantage is to take advantage of the power of the ERC20 technology, Blockchain 2.0.
Proactive source code to create an authenticated contract address: It has an ETH forward to the admin wallet. It calculates the bonus + pre-installed price and sends IEI back to the buyer. And lots of other smart features like exclusion, install time, hard hat settings, soft hats settings, minimum and maximum investment, set up two bonus types over time & increase in number quantity.

P / s: You have the need and ability to create projects. We can sell the source code package including: custom code on demand, installation instructions, etherscan source code validation, …
The price is only half of most other tools or services. The top technology package only 1.5 ETH / smart contract address.

You can write a review, comment, feel the positive – negative unresolved about the INHERITANCE project in group:

Thank you for your understanding !



Thanks a lot !


In 2019. We create a swap platform between IEI and all dead token & garbage.


My confidences: I found a project of nearly 28,000 ETHs worth $ 5 million. I wonder what they need to do when the token is listed on the exchange, the price drops 10 times, not vice versa? I hope that this current and future ICO project will overcome this despite any subjective or objective reasons.


Hi yes this is a ‘Battle’ but If you vote down a comment please reply with a valid reason why


Really? Haha its just out of respect, team members take their time to share info about their ico, why not give them an opportunity to respond