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HeadlineAstrome is a deep-tech company developing the next generation of satellite internet.
Starting date07/23/2019
Ending date09/23/2019
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Astrome ICO ICO Summary

Astrome ICO is bringing blockchain solution in the Infrastructure industry.

Their initial coin offering will be held from July 23, 2019 and investors will be able to buy it until September 23, 2019.

A total of 1,000,000,000 SPW will be created and 400,000,000 will be available during the coin offering.

SPW sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 10,000,000(EUR) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before September 23, 2019 if the hardcap of 600,000,000(EUR) is reached.

During Astrome ICO ICO, investors will be able to buy SPW at 1 EUR per Coin/Token.

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Astrome ICO Project Info

Astrome is revolutionizing internet delivery through its innovative millimetre wave wireless communication technology. The company aims to launch a constellation of 198 ultra-High Throughput Satellites(ultra-HTS) in Low Earth Orbit called SpaceNet. The total network capacity of SpaceNet will be 24Tbps. This constellation will have an order of magnitude lower infrastructure cost per Gbps when compared to other constellations that are being launched. The satellites cover all the regions between 38 degree North and South latitudes. This include South-Asia, South-east Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East, South America, North America (Partially) and major seas.

The three main applications for SpaceNet internet services are:
1.Maritime Connectivity: Maritime users suffer from low bandwidth or prohibitively expensive satellite connectivity. Astrome’s innovative technology will provide high bandwidth connectivity over the ocean at affordable cost.
2.Satellite Backhaul: Satellites enable 4G/5G services to be delivered in rural remote areas where fibre backbone is not necessarily present. With this service, Astrome aims to enable telecom operators and internet service providers to launch their broadband, 4G and 5G services in rural and remote areas.
3.Direct-to-Home (DTH) Internet: Astrome will also provide in some geographies, Direct-to-Home internet connections to consumers. A pizza-box-sized equipment on roof-top will enable consumer to avail Astrome’s internet services.

Astrome’s financial layer is blockchain enabled, allowing it to deliver its internet services faster and more efficiently while at the same time preparing for the era of Web3.0.

Astrome is selling its internet service tokens called SpaceWave (SPW) starting from July 23rd, 2019.


Coin SymbolSPW
Total Coins1000000000
Working Product?

Astrome ICO ICO Details

SPW ICO Details
Geo RestrictionNone
Currency AcceptedBTC,ETH,USD,Others
Total Coins1,000,000,000
Coins for Sale400,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins200,000,000
Coins SoldUnknown
Coin Price1 EUR
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes to Others

Astrome ICO Stage Details

SpaceWave - Public sale

Start date07/23/2019
End date09/23/2019
Token for sale400,000,000
Token Price1 EUR

Astrome ICO Team Info

Core Team

Dr Neha Satak

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Prasad HL Bhat

CTO, Chairman & Co-founder

Dr Arvind Iyer

Director of Satellite Engineering, Astrome

Sreenivasa Rao

Principal Scientist, Astrome

Christopher Stott

CEO ManSat

Raghu Das

COO Helios Wire

Thibault Verbiest

Partner DS Avocats

Advisory Team

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