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HeadlineDevelop crypto games, Players Earn G4B Tokens to be traded on exchanges.
CategoryGaming & VR
Starting date05/01/2018
Ending date05/01/2019
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Project Info

Game 4 Bitcoin is a Game Development company that creates interactive cryptocurrency themed games. Games where the players control characters that run through mazes collecting items to craft weapons & destroy monsters. The crafted weapons does not get discarded but is sold for G4B tokens to new players in the G4B Store. The Gamers will also earn G4B tokens by introducing new buyers & other Gamers to the game. The Gamers will also do various tasks depending on the game that will earn them G4B Tokens. The Gamers earn Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin & Ethereum by trading the G4B tokens they have earned playing our games on Mobile Devices, Facebook, PC & Console Devices. Game 4 Bitcoin’s G4B Token is written with a verified ERC-20 Solidity Smart Contract.

The average game on Apple store gets +- 100,000 downloads. That is 100,000 members that don’t want to see Ads and 80% will be able to afford to remove the ads. This will give Game 4 Bitcoin approximately $1,200,000 within 3 months after launching the first game. G4B tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency on known exchanges like Forkdelta, EtherDelta, Cryptopia, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex. We will be developing our own exchange where G4B tokens will be sold to new people who wish to invest or players who wish to buy In-Game Currency.
The Value Of G4B Tokens

Each person whether they are players or token buyers that holds minimum 20 000 G4B Tokens, can earn monthly revenue from the game once it is developed & published on iOS & Play Store. 20 000 G4B Token’s ($50) is = To 1 Piece of the profit in the Game’s Monthly Revenue generated from players playing the game.

Below is a scenario where the minimum amount of 20 000 G4B Tokens is bought to earn profits from The Pre-Sale & 4 Season sales.

Pre Sale – 300,000,000 Available G4B Tokens – 20 000 G4b tokens bought @ $0.0025 = $50.00
Season 1 – 100,000,000 Available G4B Tokens – 20 000 G4b tokens bought @ $0.02 = $400.00
Season 2 – 100,000,000 Available G4B Tokens – 20 000 G4b tokens bought @ $0.04 = $800.00
Season 3 – 100,000,000 Available G4B Tokens – 20 000 G4b tokens bought @ $0.08 = $1 600.00
Season 4 – 100,000,000 Available G4B Tokens – 20 000 G4b tokens bought @ $0.1 = $2 000.00

ICO Details
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedBTC,ETH,Others
Coin SymbolG4B
Total Coins1,000,000,000
Coins for Sale300,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins0
Coins Sold2%
Coin Price0.08 USD
Softcap Reached
Confirmed ExchangeArtis Turba
Unsold Coins Goes to Team
Stage Details
Pre Sale
Start date05/01/2018
End date06/01/2018
Token for sale300,000,000
Token Price0.0025 USD
Season 1
Start date07/01/2018
End date08/01/2018
Token for sale100,000,000
Token Price0.02 USD
Season 2
Start date09/01/2018
End date11/01/2018
Token for sale100,000,000
Token Price0.04 USD
Season 3
Start date12/01/2018
End date01/01/2019
Token for sale100,000,000
Token Price0.08 USD
Season 4
Start date03/01/2019
End date05/01/2019
Token for sale100,000,000
Token Price0.1 USD
Team Info
Core Team

JP Rademeyer

Founder & CEO, Game Architect, System Administrator, Website Developer & Graphics Designer at South Coast Web.

OZI Technology Group

Ozi Technology Group are the largest game publisher in Asia & U.S.A with more than 100 million active users. Headquarter is in Hong Kong along with having production ofces in Asia and U.A.E.

Omer Khokhar

Project Lead - Game Producer - OZI Technology Group Omer has been engaged in the technical sales and consulting industry for the past Eleven (11) years.

Ateed Ahmad

Game Designer at OZI Technology Group To achieve targeted results thus to learn new technical skills and gain experience working in professional elds.

Ali Jaffer

Game Developer at OZI Technology Group To seek a challenging carrier in video games, mobile applications and software area.

Syed Munim Raza

Game Developer at OZI Technology Group - To be able to use my expertise for companies by developing 2D/3D games and have experience in Unity3D Games Development.


Game Architect at OZI Technology Group - Have 6+ years of experience in Mobile Game Development. I LOVE games, I PLAY games, I DEVELOP games.

Raja Imran

Concept Artist - Creative Head @ The Game Storm Studios, OZI Technology and Tkxel - My Current job is all about Keeping Art, Aesthetics and Production all in line.

Muhammad Naeem

CG Artist at OZI Technology Group - My forte is beautiful and user-orientated graphic design. I create logos, digital Print design, applications, games, and user interfaces.

Umair Asghar Ali

Videographer, cinematographer, screenwriter at OZI Technology Group

Hashim Zaib

Graphic Designer at OZI Technology Group Experience in Game ui design and Marketing.

Mohsin Raza

Marketing Executive - OZI Technology Group

Zulqarnain Tahir

Sr. E-Marketing Executive at - OZI Technology Group

Raza Butt

Senior Software Engineer at OZI Technology Group

Muhammad Shahzad

CG Artist, Senior 3D Artist, interior & Exterior Design, Modeling, Rendering, Animation, Game & Graphic Design, Visualization at OZI Technology Group.

Advisory Team


Sergei Logvin

Jacques Mostert

Emerson Fonseca

Jayanand Sagar

Paul Francis

Damien Morales

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