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Green Funding Coin (GFC) Initial Coin Offering Logo
HeadlineFair and equitable ESG investment
CategoryEnergy & Utilities
Starting date04/02/2019
Ending date05/31/2019
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Green Funding Coin ICO Summary

Green Funding Coin is bringing blockchain solution in the Energy & Utilities industry.

Their initial coin offering will be held from April 2, 2019 and investors will be able to buy it until May 31, 2019.

A total of 0 GFC will be created and 5,400,000,000 will be available during the coin offering.

GFC sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 5,000,000(USD) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before May 31, 2019 if the hardcap of 7,000,000(USD) is reached.

During Green Funding Coin ICO, investors will be able to buy GFC at 0.02 USD per Coin/Token.

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Green Funding Coin Project Info

Green Funding Platforms (GFP) is a new crowdfunding platform for ESG Investment with a visible flow of funds by Green Funding Coin (GFC).

ESG Investment refers incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into investment decisions. ESG investments already operate with a market cap of over 25 Trillion USD. By utilizing Blockchain Technology, GFP can make the flow of investment 100% traceable, transparent, and unalterable.

GFC is the key currency used to invest and pay out on GFP. When coin holders use GFP, they send GFC to the entity they wish to invest in. The entity will return the yield of rate to investors in GFC. The investors can take the return with them or reinvest in other entities.

GFC is designed to have a low volatility because the price of GFC is fixed from pre-sale period until listing on exchanges to avoid a crash right after listing due to high sell pressure.
Thanks to its design and the above eco-system, investors will enjoy an increase of the value of GFC steadily and sustainably as well as investment itself.

Those currently investing in GFC are more wealthy, sophisticated investors. This is because they are aware that ESG related investments are more sustainable in the long run.


Coin SymbolGFC
Total Coins0
Working Product?

Green Funding Coin ICO Details

GFC ICO Details
Geo RestrictionNone
Currency AcceptedBTC,ETH,XRP,ADA,USD
Total CoinsUnknown
Coins for Sale5,400,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined CoinsUnknown
Coins SoldUnknown
Coin Price0.02 USD
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes to

Green Funding Coin Stage Details

Green Funding Coin

Start date04/02/2019
End date05/31/2019
Token for sale5,400,000,000
Token Price0.02 USD
Road Map
Green Funding Coin Road Map
  • Begin sale of advance purchase rights to Green Funding Coin, limited to those that share our vision. Concurrently, begin developing the NEO-based Green Funding Coin. After completion, issue and distribute coins.

    11/01/2018 - 02/28/2019
  • Officially launch Green Funding Coin and hold ICO. Distribute coins to those who already hold advance purchase rights. After ICO, proceed with Green Funding Platform development and cooperation with ESG ventures.

    04/01/2019 - 04/30/2019
  • Listing on exchange.Open Green Funding Coin exchange.

    05/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
  • Green Funding Platform beta launch. Launch beta version of the Green Funding Platform and begin operations.

    Q2 2019

Green Funding Coin Team Info

Core Team

Renji Hirase

Green Funding Platforms Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Bonkowski

Green Funding Platforms Co., Ltd. Financial Officer

K. Takahashi

Green Funding Platforms Co., Ltd. Chief Financial Advisor

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