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HeadlineUtility * Organic Growth * Sharing
Starting date07/20/2018
Ending date08/20/2018
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KitToken ICO Summary

KitToken is bringing blockchain solution in the Finance industry.

KitToken initial coin offering will be held from July 20, 2018. KIT will be offered to investors until August 20, 2018.

A total of 2,147,483,647 KIT will be created and 1,000,000,000 will be available during the coin offering.
KIT coin/token sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 5,000,000(USD) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before August 20, 2018 if the hardcap of 175,000,000(USD) is reached.

During KitToken ICO, investors will be able to buy KIT at 0.05 USD per Coin/Token.

Get all the details about KitToken below and on KitToken Official ICO website

What is KitToken

KitToken® as “Utility * Organic Growth * Sharing”, is committed to develop a financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology. KitToken® utilizes value transfer protocol to achieve the transfer of payments from one person to another on peer to peer basis. It also aims at building a decentralized platform for achieving faster and quicker transaction rates. Current payment systems are having a lot of drawbacks that needs to be updated and hence KitToken® make way for innovative digital mobile payments.

Innovative Technology, transparent and secured transactions make KitToken® the best payment eco-system. KitToken® also provides a venue for appreciation of value by holders via global open trade and demand for token utilization. KitToken® bypass a lot of intermediaries in foreign fund transfer and cross-border payment brokers which limit the access of global blockchain through KitToken® decentralized global payment platform. Our KitToken® eco-system is completely unique which allows people to make cross-border payments quickly and securely.

Transparency as well as security is what we provide. The KitPay® platform is absolutely transparent which records payments and transfers platform. We also have SHA-256 and high level solidity code being deployed which can ensure fast as well as secure payments. The birth and infancy stage of KitToken® is being maintained and supported by cutting edge blockchain technology and spearheaded by visionary professionals.

What is KitToken®?
KitToken® is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform called KitPay®

How does KitPay® Work?
KitPay® works as centralized server within a decentralized blockchain infrastructure in a connected to network. KitPay® will allow users to own a wallet which stores, transfer and trade KitToken® in daily conventional economic activities. KitToken® holders benefit from convenient utilization and appreciation of KitToken® value. Ultimately, via a Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken® holders receive profit sharing from KitToken® Inc. business activities.

We imagine a world where a global borderless digital financial society access to business with a touch of the finger. We share with people who want to learn that they can have the freedom to transact and the ability to transfer fund while being part of a larger business organization.

KIT ICO Details

KIT Tokenomics & ICO Information
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedETH,USD,Others
Coin SymbolKIT
Total Coins2,147,483,647
Coins for Sale1,000,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins2,147,483,647
Coins Sold6%
Coin Price0.05 USD
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes to Burn

Stage Details

Pre ICO 1

KitToken Stage Information & Bonus
Start date07/20/2018
End date07/25/2018
Token for sale1,000,000,000
Token Price0.05 USD

Pre ICO 2

Start date07/26/2018
End date07/31/2018
Token for sale1,000,000,000
Token Price0.05 USD


Start date08/01/2018
End date08/10/2018
Token for sale1,000,000,000
Token Price0.05 USD


Start date08/11/2018
End date08/20/2018
Token for sale500,000,000
Token Price0.05 USD

Team Info

Core Team

Amir Mohamed

Chief Executive Officer

Khalid Abu Hassan

Senior Vice President Corporate Finance

Mohd Taufik Abdullah

Senior Vice President Business Development

Dr. Siti Zaharah

Chief Strategy Officer

Nurul Ain Hassim

Chief Information Officer and Technical Lead

Irma Mardiana Abu Rahim

Backend Developer

Dr. Wan Asiah Wan Adnan

Project Manager

Maj (R) Rusydi Noh bin Ramli

Operation Manager

Advisory Team

Sujith Soomraj

Dr. Ben Jones

Mr. Dato Mohd Anuar Sidek

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