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MB - MonsterBit ICO details,price, stage, bonus, team.
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HeadlineBlockchain Game
CategoryGaming & VR
Starting date04/25/2018
Ending date07/15/2018
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MonsterBit ICO Summary

MonsterBit is bringing blockchain solution in the Gaming & VR industry.

MonsterBit initial coin offering will be held from April 25, 2018. MB will be offered to investors until July 15, 2018.

A total of 7,500,000 MB will be created and 5,000,000 will be available during the coin offering.
MB coin/token sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 100(ETH) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before July 15, 2018 if the hardcap of 1,000(ETH) is reached.

During MonsterBit ICO, investors will be able to buy MB at 0.0005 ETH per Coin/Token.

Get all the details about MonsterBit below and on MonsterBit Official ICO website

What is MonsterBit

Blockchain Game
MonsterBit – is an analogue of famous cryptogame with interesting additions for both players. We did not reinvent the wheel. We took the successful project and made made it stronger from the point of view of functionality and more vibrant from the point of view of design. To the normal reproduction and a unique DNA, we have added the maturity of heroes at the expense of feeding them. Also, there were implemented many interesting features, which we are going to reveal further.

MonsterBit Prototype
Monster Marketplace
Buy and sell monsters of different ages and generations. All transactions in the system are made via Ethereum in the currency of ETH.

Only big monsters can be breeded. Small monsters need to be feeded by hamburgers to become big.

Food Marketplace
Through food small monsters become big, and big ones can enlarge the speed of recovery after reproduction. You can buy food in the shop or get it through watching commercials.

Monsters Fights
Users can fight each other to gain food, weapons or the monster. The weapons will be sold in the shop.


Advertising Monsters
Your monsters can advertise goods and you can get real money for it.

Internet-shop of toys
MonsterBit is the real plush and plastic toys online store. Anyone can order a toy from any monster. We arrange delivery to the house. The monster owner will receive 15% of the toy cost. Toys will be sold in dollars and in ethereum.

3 round of CROWDSALE
Issues: 7,5 millions of tokens. 1,25 millions are gained by team, 6 millions of tokes to be sold. 250 thousand – Bounty

Sale: : 1 000 000 MB.
Price: 0.0002 ETH

Sale: 2 000 000 MB.
Price: 0.0005 ETH

Sale: 3 000 000 MB.
Price: 1-2$.

What you get
The token holder receives:
Token MB allows you to buy SYSTEM monsters which generate the system You can buy or sell the token at the inner market We hope to enter the external market

SYSTEM monsters. They do not grow and do not breed. They generate the entire system. Initially, they can be bought only for tokens. In the future you can sell them in the monster shop. Token holders automatically become sellers of all the valued goods in the game. The System monsters will be generating, selling and providing you the profit. 1 token = 1 System monster. The point is in quality, but not quantity.

-They generate commission on purchases and sales of monsters to the users. Monsters gain part of these commissions.

-They generate Monsters GEN 0 and also sell it for ETH.

-They generate all the food for monsters and sell it. I.e. the tokenholders will sell food for ETH to the users.

-They generate blusters and its refill and sell them for ETH to the users.

MB ICO Details

MB Tokenomics & ICO Information
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedETH
Coin SymbolMB
Total Coins7,500,000
Coins for Sale5,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins0
Coins Sold17%
Coin Price0.0005 ETH
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes to Burn

Stage Details


MonsterBit Stage Information & Bonus
Start date04/25/2018
End date07/15/2018
Token for sale5,000,000
Token Price0.0005 ETH

Team Info

Core Team




Lead Backend Developer


Game Designer


Solidity Developer


Senior Web-Developer




CEO, Marketing

Advisory Team

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