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HeadlineNew method to reach consumers effortlessly and efficiently and give new and better services to them.
CategoryCommerce & Advertising
Starting date06/19/2018
Ending date08/28/2018
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ORC – Order Coin ICO Summary

ORC – Order Coin is bringing blockchain solution in the Commerce & Advertising sector.
ORC – Order Coin initial coin offering will be held from June 19, 2018. ORC will be offered to investors until August 28, 2018.
A total of 1,640,000,000 ORC will be created and 820,000,000 will be available during the coin offering.
ORC coin/token sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 4,000(ETH) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before August 28, 2018 if the hardcap of 41,000(ETH) is reached.
During ORC – Order Coin ICO, investors will be able to buy ORC at 0.00005 ETH per Coin/Token.

Get all the details about ORC – Order Coin below and on ORC – Order Coin Official ICO website

Project Info

The new generation of shopping with Order Coin (ORC)

Until now, if you wanted to buy an item online, you had to waste substantial amount of time on surfing through all items that showed up on your search until you found the right product or services for an affordable price. This is now a thing of the past.

Imagine a service where it’s not you who is doing the online search, but where you get served. Exactly the way it happens if you are walking in a brick-and-mortar store. Only that this service offers you the selection of several hundred stores. Local stores or stores from far away, the choice is yours.

The benefits of our business model and our solution

Our objective is to turn the process of shopping upside down and inside out, and to reverse the process of online shopping. To provide services with unparalleled convenience that spare time, resources and money for its users.

The objective is to shift the burden of searching for the right product from consumers to businesses offering the products or services by finding what the customer wants and needs. The only thing customers should do is to choose the best of the relevant offers they are getting.

Reaching consumers, showcasing and introducing their products and services is more difficult for small enterprises.

Our solution will allow for local businesses and consumers to find each other even more easily, and by making good use of this opportunity, the enterprises will be able to increase their turnover and profitability potential as well.

By our services to be provided to small- and medium-sized enterprises, we will make available to them in a cost-effective way the latest digital and information technologies, which will result in such significant competitive ability and efficiency improvements for them.


Payment transactions within our system will be conducted by using ORC (Order Coin). The ORC Token will be integrated into the point of sale for retail partners, thus playing an active role in gaining the acceptance of blockchain and tokens in mainstream retail.

For the ORC Token, we conducted a comprehensive research to choose a segment of the economy challenged by considerable efficiency problems and lagging behind in terms of competitiveness.

In other words, we were identifying the segment facing real economic problems. We created ORC Token to combat this, integrating it into the improving prospects of players, making it the key of the solution.

ORC Token’s largest benefit is that we have created it in a way that its use within our system as a medium of exchange would mean a significant help for increasing profits of businesses playing an important role in the business life of communities, local economies, and countries. These businesses are also supported in their adoption of new technological trends and growth. At the same time, we offer useful services for consumers.

Serving the improvement of real economic processes gives it a firm base for becoming widely used and for spreading beyond its original scope.

The significance of this lies in the fact that the value of a currency is ultimately defined by the advantages of its use, the services associated with it, the goods that it purchases, and its recognition.

For small businesses using our system will be beneficial as well, since their competitive handicap coming from their lack of financial-human-and other resources will cease, as they will get access to a ready-made digital system for affordable price.

With our solution the enterprises will be able to get access to a targeted consumer group via our system which reflects their real needs and interests for the products marketed by them.

Right from the drawing board, our aim was to create a win-win situation for consumers and businesses using our system. People may spend their time and resources freed up by using our services for quality activities, while businesses are enabled to reach and serve consumers actually interested in their products or services.

We are building a complex ecosystem

Building up gradually, we aim to provide the full range of fintech services for both consumers and businesses.

Drawbacks of traditional online shopping:

– wasted surfing-time

– we are not getting the best links, because the search engine puts large companies’ URLs in front who are able to spend more on prioritizing their ads and websites

– therefore, the selection of smaller enterprises remains hidden, because we can’t find them in the jungle of URLs

– Amazon and other marketplaces will display products as their preferences dictate, leaving us with an incomplete list of choices

– using the above techniques, they smoothly and continuously influence us in our choices

– many times, we end up buying products we didn’t intend to, or

– products that don’t correspond to our preferences

– they don’t know our exact needs, therefore

– we have to surf through many irrelevant offers, which can be annoying and cumbersome

– if you once search an item, you will be practically chased by ads (by then) irrelevant to you

On the other hand, advantages of our solution:

– for small businesses using our system will be beneficial as well, since their competitive handicap coming from their lack of financial-human-and other resources will cease, as they will get access to a ready-made digital system for affordable price

– a list of items narrowed down to match the preferences/needs of the consumer

– the majority of expenditures on ads by businesses is eliminated

– they reach their consumers effortlessly and efficiently

– increases in sales of local businesses

– increase of employment

– a cryptocurrency accepted by regulations due to the advantages offered for the local economy

– we are able to ensure a bilateral and interactive relationship between businesses and consumers

– resulting in an increase of customer satisfaction

– businesses get an immediate feedback from their customers, enabling them to come up with a fast solution to their needs

– resulting in a continuous improvement of their services, and consequently, granting them better chances to keep their customers

– this would cutting back expenses and boosting results in every way for enterprises using our services

The basis of our conservative risk management- and business philosophy is to build everything – just like a house – to a firm foundation to allow for a successful operation and dynamic growth on the long run. Clear Shop Vision Ltd. was founded in October 2016.

We believe that a solid fundament we build our business on is a carefully planned and viable business model allowing for a profitable operation from the earliest point possible.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in which we see immense potential. We are positive that industries based on these new foundations will reach an efficiency that will force players using traditional technologies behind those who are building on these blockchain foundations.

We have created our business strategy along these lines and launched our enterprise with a view to participate in this revolution from the very start. We want to shape it and get our share from it, the result of which will reflect in the value of ORC Token, our currency.

For further details of our project, visit our website: https://ico.clearshopvision.com/

ICO Details

ORC ICO Details
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedETH
Coin SymbolORC
Total Coins1,640,000,000
Coins for Sale820,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins0
Coins Sold0%
Coin Price0.00005 ETH
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes toInvestor

Stage Details

Start date06/19/2018
End date08/28/2018
Token for sale820,000,000
Token Price0.00005 ETH

Team Info

Core Team

Tamas Toth

CEO & Founder

Oliver Horvath

Main Developer & Founder

Advisory Team


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