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HeadlineVaynix iѕ a financial system & crypto currency
Starting date04/02/2018
Ending date06/05/2018
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vaynix ICO Summary

vaynix is bringing blockchain solution in the Finance industry.

vaynix initial coin offering will be held from April 2, 2018. VNX will be offered to investors until June 5, 2018.

A total of 2,147,483,647 VNX will be created and 2,147,483,647 will be available during the coin offering.
VNX coin/token sale will be considered successful if their softcap of 2,000,000(USD) is reached. Please keep in mind that the sale could end before June 5, 2018 if the hardcap of 10,000,000(EUR) is reached.

During vaynix ICO, investors will be able to buy VNX at 0.005 USD per Coin/Token.

Get all the details about vaynix below and on vaynix Official ICO website

What is vaynix

Vaynix (VNX)

Contract Address: 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 VNX
Token Symbol: VNX
Token Decimals: 18

What is Vaynix ?

-Vaynix iѕ a financial system & crypto currency thаt ореrаtеѕ with borderless interaction аrоund the glоbе, оnсе уоu are соnnесtеd tо intеrnеt, nо matter thе geographical diѕtаnсе bеtwееn thе ѕеndеr and rесеivеr.
Is more than just a simple cryptocurrency it’s a tool that helps vendors, allow anonymous transaction focuses on privacy . Our vendors can sell their products, accept Vaynix through our platform,


-Our goal is to bring Vaynix to all users around the world . All user will be able to send, receive, withdraw Vaynix (VNX) at any time. Accepted by the vast majority of stores and vendors ,Vaynix will be privacy and all transactions will be anonymous.


-We know that the power of a coin stay in the community , in the large number of users , in the large number of transactions , in support ! we will try our best to keep you up to date with new information !


-VAYNIX Marketplace will allow thousands of vendors around the world to get access to markets that they cannot afford now and will provide access to the audience of early adopters and technology fans Millions of customers will receive a unique range of one-of-a-kind products with no extra charges from intermediaries


-Vaynix, a cryptocurrency that will focus on anonymity, Every users can use Vaynix as an anonymous payment method without anyone knowing who is behind that transaction, No one knows how much you sent or how much you received. No one knows how much money you have in your wallet. Secure your life with Vaynix


-In 2019 we will try to place our first ATMs in every capital of the world. Any user using our Vaynix platform will be able to withdraw real money using VNX


-In 2019 we expect to see us on top 100 cryptocurrency Vaynix (VNX) being accepted by the greatest exchanges in the world Binance, Bittrex Cryptopia and many more. Vaynix will be able to be changed to BTC or ETH instant using our wallet. everyone will be able to withdraw Vaynix in FIAT using our own ATM placed around the world

-Investors 80%
-Team 15%
-Bounty 3%
-AirDrop 2%

-own atm

April -> Involvement of advisors and financing for token sale
June -> Accepted on major exchanges
July -> Release Android Wallet
Improve website
Release Vendors Platform
August-> improve browser wallet
Release own exchange for our wallets ( Exchange VNX/BTC, VNX/ETH ) instant using your wallet even on the phone wallet
September -> Release Desktop and Mac Wallets
October -> Release IOS Wallet

In 2019 Everyone will be able to withdraw Vaynix in FIAT using our own ATM placed around the world

Official Website:
Official Wallet:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Telegram Group:
Telegram Announcement:

VNX ICO Details

VNX Tokenomics & ICO Information
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedETH
Coin SymbolVNX
Total Coins2,147,483,647
Coins for Sale2,147,483,647
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins2,000,000
Coins Sold100%
Coin Price0.005 USD
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes to Burn

Stage Details


vaynix Stage Information & Bonus
Start date04/02/2018
End date06/05/2018
Token for sale2,147,483,647
Token Price0.005 USD

Team Info

Core Team

Dexter Collier

CEO. Heart, brain and soul of the Vaynix. Country: Norway

Mira Ivarsson

SEO and Community manager, bounty manager . Country: switzerland

Martin Wilhelmsen

SEO and Community manager, bounty manager . Country: switzerland

Advisory Team

Lucas Nilsen

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