Zero Carbon Project - ICO Details

HeadlineTackling Climate Change Using Blockchain
CategoryEnergy & Utilities
Starting date07/18/2018
Ending date09/18/2018
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Project Info

The Zero Carbon Project has 2 parts:

1. deliver energy at a lower price than existing renewable and fossil fuel energy contracts; and
2. to entice people to use the Zero Carbon Project, provide a blockchain-driven incentive scheme to reward consumers for engaging with the Zero Carbon Project and encourage consumer action.

The first part of our solution consists of a competitive ‘Zero Carbon Market’ which provides consumers access to cheaper energy contracts where the carbon emissions have been offset by international carbon credits.

Secondly, our blockchain economy is based on Energis tokens that have been designed to capture the future value that customers receive form our Market. This is enabled using the distributed ledger, Ethereum smart contracts and crypto exchanges.

Energis tokens are underpinned by concrete value as energy suppliers must use them to pay their transaction fees for using our Market. Therefore, as our consumer base grows, the demand for Energis tokens increases, constrained by a fixed supply.

We intend that up to 70% of the transaction fees received by the Zero Carbon Project will be ‘recycled’ and provided to consumers as rewards for engaging with the Zero Carbon Project. Energy suppliers and consumers (“Customers”) can sell Energis tokens to other customers, including energy suppliers who purchase them to pay transaction fees. This is the Energis economic cycle.

ICO Details
USA accepted
Currency AcceptedETH
Coin SymbolNRG
Total Coins240,000,000
Coins for Sale240,000,000
Private-Sale/Pre-Mined Coins0
Coins Sold0%
Coin Price0.2 USD
Softcap Reached
Confirmed Exchange
Unsold Coins Goes toBurn
Stage Details
ICO Sale
Start date07/18/2018
End date09/18/2018
Token for sale240,000,000
Token Price0.2 USD
Team Info
Core Team

Derek Myers


Alastair Hutson

Europe Director & MD of Beond

Thomas Schmitz

Zero Carbon Markets Director

Sarah Myers

HR Director

Ian White

Commercial Director

Philip Louw

Software Manager & Developer

Advisory Team

Rob Antulov

Bok Khoo

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