ICOs & STOs with confirmed exchange

Tawarruq Token ICO Logo

Tawarruq Token

ICO ends in 12 Days

Tawarruq Token ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:11/18/2019
End Date:12/18/2019
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:5,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,000,000
Links :
Synchrobit ICO Logo


ICO ends in 22 Days

Synchrobit ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:08/01/2019
End Date:12/28/2019
Softcap:2,500,000 USD
Hardcap:120,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:600,000,000
Links :
CoinCasso ICO Logo


ICO ends in 25 Days

CoinCasso ICO
Coin Price:2.62 USD
Start Date:10/21/2018
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:3,500,000 USD
Hardcap:100,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:53,000,000
Links :
DACX, Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange ICO Logo

DACX, Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange

ICO ends in 25 Days

DACX, Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:10/25/2019
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:5,000,000 USD
Hardcap:35,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:200,000,000
Links :
Zeon Network ICO Logo

Zeon Network

ICO ends in 25 Days

Zeon Network ICO
Coin Price:0.0005 USD
Start Date:06/08/2018
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:2,000,000 USD
Hardcap:15,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:30,000,000,000
Links :
LinkCrypts (LYNK) IEO ICO Logo

LinkCrypts (LYNK) IEO

ICO ends in 25 Days

LinkCrypts (LYNK) IEO ICO
Coin Price:0.00082 ETH
Start Date:11/15/2019
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:10 ETH
Hardcap:820,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:1,000,000,000
Links :
Capitual ICO Logo


ICO ends in 25 Days

Capitual ICO
Coin Price:1 USD
Start Date:06/01/2019
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:51,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:51,000,000
Links :
SpeedKingToken ICO Logo


ICO ends in 63 Days

SpeedKingToken ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:02/07/2020
Softcap:100,000 USD
Hardcap:200,000 USD
Coins for Sale:5,000,000
Links :
SilkRoadCoin ICO Logo


ICO ends in 551 Days

SilkRoadCoin ICO
Coin Price:1 EUR
Start Date:01/08/2019
End Date:06/09/2021
Softcap:100,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:1,000,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:1,000,000,000
Links :


ICO ends in 613 Days

Coin Price:0.08 USD
Start Date:04/29/2019
End Date:08/10/2021
Softcap:170,000,000 USD
Hardcap:240,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:4,500,000,000
Links :


ICO ends in 849 Days

Coin Price:0.14 USD
Start Date:04/03/2019
End Date:04/03/2022
Softcap:75,000,000 USD
Hardcap:75,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:75,000,000
Links :

Why you should be looking at ICO with confirmed exchange and IEO?

One of the most frustrating situation when investing in an ICO is getting stuck for year with the tokens or coins. The majority of crypto investors are looking for a quick buck and we can understand that. 

This is why investing in an ICO or STo with a confirmed exchange is very appealing. You can be sure that whenever you need your money back or if the ICO project start to be disappointing and not delivering their roadmap, you will be able to sell your token or coin on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Initial Exchange Offerings are now the big trend in the ICO community. That kind of ICO guarantee an instant listing after the ICO ends or if the softcap is reached.

Confirmed Exchange and IEO Checklist

  • Does the project look viable?
  • Is it listed on a good exchange?
  • Have you read the whitepaper?
  • Is their Social Media active?
  • What are other crypto investors saying about this ICO?
  • Is the team legit?
  • Sleep on it, Think about it, Never FOMO