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InziderX Set to Take Cryptocurrency Trading to the Next Level


InziderX decentralized exchange ICO


Picking up where other decentralized exchanges have left off,
InziderX provides users with a full suite of advanced trading tools.


(September 5, 2018) With a surplus of centralized and decentralized exchanges offering minimal options for advanced traders, InziderX has unveiled its next-generation decentralized exchange that steps up where others have fallen short. Featuring an advanced wallet design that gives traders access to a world order book, InziderX’s peer-to-peer architecture enables anonymous, secure, limitless trading.

Traders using centralized exchanges have no choice but to enter their personal details to access the exchange’s trading features. This puts traders at a significant risk because centralized exchanges are routinely hacked for user data as well as digital assets. With InziderX, these risks disappear due to InziderX’s secure-by-design anonymous trading system. Counterparties engage in direct peer-to-peer trades between wallets without an exchange in the middle holding funds and requiring verification details.

Both centralized and decentralized exchanges offer an extremely limited selection of markets, with BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs being standard. InziderX employs Atomic Swap technology which is a means for secure and direct swaps between any two coins without the need for an intermediary. Without Atomic Swaps, Bob will have to trade his OMG tokens for BTC or ETH to eventually trade for the ADA tokens he wants. With InziderX, Bob can trade his OMG for ADA directly, skipping the hassle and security risk of employing go-betweens to achieve the exchange.

InziderX has solved the liquidity and transaction speed problems inherent in most decentralized exchanges by implementing the Lightning Network on its platform. The Lightning Network is a second-layer off-chain scaling solution that enables InziderX users the freedom of cross-chain Atomic Swaps and blazing fast transaction speeds. With the Lightning Network, InziderX is capable of handling thousands of trades per second with zero downtime. The result is a high-liquidity decentralized exchange with completely frictionless trades in real-time.

With such strong platform fundamentals in place, InziderX has turned its attention to developing an advanced toolbox for the most discerning traders. Apart from the standard order types (market, limit, stop), InziderX offers traders complex market orders including entry, stop-loss, and take-profit in the same order. Traders can also employ trail-stop, OCO, and order-in-scale orders. Additionally, hedging is available to traders wherein opposing positions are placed on the same digital asset.

The InziderX exchange is accessed via wallet. Once inside the wallet, traders will be able to interact with other users using the encrypted anonymous messaging system. This also opens up a groundbreaking Signals functionality – a selection of the most profitable InziderX traders will be featured for other users to follow. Traders who choose to offer subscriptions to their trade signals can accept the InziderX token, INX, in return.

With the InziderX utility asset, INX, traders will be able to access deeper features within the InziderX ecosystem including signal services, rewards programs, and transaction fee discounts.

In furthering the development of a robust, mass-appeal trading community, the InziderX team is creating a community based on Steemit architecture. The InziderX community is centered by INC, as the InziderX community asset, which is used to reward the best contributions to the forum.

A vision as clearly defined and game-changing as InziderX’s results from a strong team with a wealth of banking, investing, and software development experience. The InziderX’s precise roadmap includes specific milestones delivered word for word by a tireless team of developers.

Buy INX today at and be amongst the first to access InziderX – the new standard for decentralized exchange.


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