Softcap Reached ICOs

Arena Match ICO Logo

Arena Match

ICO ends in 6 Days

Arena Match ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:08/20/2019
End Date:08/30/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,000,000
Links :
Kinesis ICO Logo


ICO ends in 6 Days

Kinesis ICO
Coin Price:1 USD
Start Date:09/10/2018
End Date:08/30/2019
Softcap:15,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:210,000
Links :
MyTVchain ICO Logo


ICO ends in 7 Days

MyTVchain ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:07/20/2019
End Date:08/31/2019
Softcap:1,000,000 USD
Hardcap:10,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:200,000,000
Links :
Dreamr ICO Logo


ICO ends in 16 Days

Dreamr ICO
Coin Price:0.25 USD
Start Date:08/08/2019
End Date:09/09/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:14,000,000
Links :
The Silverlink Network  ICO Logo

The Silverlink Network

ICO ends in 17 Days

The Silverlink Network ICO
Coin Price:0.0045 ETH
Start Date:07/10/2019
End Date:09/10/2019
Softcap:2,000 ETH
Hardcap:10,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:2,000,000
Links :
KNL ecosystem ICO Logo

KNL ecosystem

ICO ends in 22 Days

KNL ecosystem ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:08/15/2019
End Date:09/15/2019
Softcap:350,000 USD
Hardcap:5,870,000 USD
Coins for Sale:35,220,000
Links :
Max Crowdfund ICO Logo

Max Crowdfund

ICO ends in 42 Days

Max Crowdfund ICO
Coin Price:0.010868 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:10/05/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:610,000,000
Links : ICO Logo

ICO ends in 68 Days ICO
Coin Price:0.25 USD
Start Date:09/01/2019
End Date:10/31/2019
Softcap:1 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:600,000,000
Links :
LimonX (PreICO) ICO Logo

LimonX (PreICO)

ICO ends in 99 Days

LimonX (PreICO) ICO
Coin Price:0.00005 BTC
Start Date:05/01/2019
End Date:12/01/2019
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:4,000,000
Links :
Cash Telex ICO Logo

Cash Telex

ICO ends in 129 Days

Cash Telex ICO
Coin Price:0.92 USD
Start Date:12/10/2018
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:10,000,000 USD
Hardcap:100,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:100,000,000
Links :
CoinCasso ICO Logo


ICO ends in 129 Days

CoinCasso ICO
Coin Price:2.62 USD
Start Date:10/21/2018
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:3,500,000 USD
Hardcap:100,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:53,000,000
Links : ICO Logo

ICO ends in 159 Days ICO
Coin Price:0.12 USD
Start Date:12/01/2018
End Date:01/30/2020
Softcap:0 USD
Hardcap:34,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:500,000,000
Links :
Orbis STO ICO Logo

Orbis STO

ICO ends in 176 Days

Coin Price:0.5655 USD
Start Date:12/15/2018
End Date:02/16/2020
Softcap:5,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:40,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:80,000,000
Links :

What is an ICO Softcap?

The softcap of an ICO is the first goal to achieve during the token or coin sale. It is the minimum amount of money that the project need to be able to move forward after the ICO ends. 

Reaching softcap but not hardcap usually means that the project will continue but at a slower pace than what is written in the whitepaper or on their timeline.

Why you should be looking at Softcap reached ICO?

An ICO that have reached his softcap guarantee to the investors that they will be able to continue the project no matter what happen next.

An ICO with a softcap reached also mean that their is interest in the project and that investors are already buying the idea behind the ICO.

Downside of a Softcap Reached

ICO with softcap reached have investors already. Usually reaching softcap happens after the private sales and after the pre-sale. The private and pre-ico usually bring in some great discount to those early investors which mean that there could be a risk by buying at a later stage that you are paying more than most and suffer from a dump of the coin or token once the ICO hit an exchange.

The risk is lower so the reward will follow. The later you buy in an ICO usually equal the higher you pay for the token or coin.

Softcap reached ICO Checklist

  • Does the project look viable?
  • What happen if the ICO doesn't reach the hardcap?
  • Have you read the whitepaper?
  • Is their Social Media active?
  • What are other crypto investors saying about this ICO?
  • Is the team legit?
  • Sleep on it, Think about it, Never FOMO