Low Hardcap ICO

OilWellCoin ICO Logo


ICO ends in 0 Days

OilWellCoin ICO
Coin Price:5 USD
Start Date:07/08/2019
End Date:12/09/2019
Softcap:10,000,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:10,400,000
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Viewo ICO Logo


ICO ends in 2 Days

Viewo ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:12/11/2018
End Date:12/11/2019
Softcap:10,000,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:564,062,500
Links :
Second Life Coin ICO Logo

Second Life Coin

ICO ends in 5 Days

Second Life Coin ICO
Coin Price:0.02 USD
Start Date:08/01/2019
End Date:12/14/2019
Softcap:350,000 USD
Hardcap:860,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,560,000
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Tawarruq Token ICO Logo

Tawarruq Token

ICO ends in 9 Days

Tawarruq Token ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:11/18/2019
End Date:12/18/2019
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:5,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:50,000,000
Links :
HyperionX ICO Logo


ICO ends in 22 Days

HyperionX ICO
Coin Price:0.04 USD
Start Date:04/20/2019
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:500,000 USD
Hardcap:1,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:700,000,000
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Kikicoin ICO Logo


ICO ends in 22 Days

Kikicoin ICO
Coin Price:0.01 USD
Start Date:11/30/2018
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:1,000,000 USD
Hardcap:6,500,000 USD
Coins for Sale:3,300,000,000
Links :
ShareMeAll ICO Logo


ICO ends in 22 Days

ShareMeAll ICO
Coin Price:0.9182 USD
Start Date:03/15/2019
End Date:12/31/2019
Softcap:2,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:7,500,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:36,000,000
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ICO ends in 23 Days

Coin Price:0.000002 ETH
Start Date:09/14/2018
End Date:01/01/2020
Softcap:0 ETH
Hardcap:1,234 ETH
Coins for Sale:999,999,999
Links :


ICO ends in 32 Days

Coin Price:0.55 USD
Start Date:11/27/2019
End Date:01/10/2020
Softcap:1,500,000 USD
Hardcap:12,500,000 USD
Coins for Sale:30,000,000
Links :
SpeedKingToken ICO Logo


ICO ends in 60 Days

SpeedKingToken ICO
Coin Price:0.1 USD
Start Date:10/01/2019
End Date:02/07/2020
Softcap:100,000 USD
Hardcap:200,000 USD
Coins for Sale:5,000,000
Links :
Astra Network ICO Logo

Astra Network

ICO ends in 113 Days

Astra Network ICO
Coin Price:0.08 USD
Start Date:01/03/2019
End Date:03/31/2020
Softcap:5,000,000 USD
Hardcap:10,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:300,000,000
Links :
Multiven ICO Logo


ICO ends in 144 Days

Multiven ICO
Coin Price:1.1184 USD
Start Date:05/15/2019
End Date:05/01/2020
Softcap:10,000,000 EUR
Hardcap:50,000,000 EUR
Coins for Sale:700,000,000
Links :
GoldFor ICO Logo


ICO ends in 236 Days

GoldFor ICO
Coin Price:1 USD
Start Date:08/01/2018
End Date:08/01/2020
Softcap:1,000,000 USD
Hardcap:4,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale:4,000,000
Links :
BitValve ICO Logo


ICO ends in 264 Days

BitValve ICO
Coin Price:0.2 USD
Start Date:04/15/2019
End Date:08/29/2020
Softcap:1 USD
Hardcap:2,800,000 USD
Coins for Sale:16,203,750
Links :
Magma Token ICO Logo

Magma Token

ICO ends in 331 Days

Magma Token ICO
Coin Price:2.5 USD
Start Date:11/02/2019
End Date:11/04/2020
Softcap:2,000 ETH
Hardcap:3,000 ETH
Coins for Sale:99,000,000
Links :

What is an ICO Hardcap?

The hardcap of an ICO means the maximum amount of capital that it aims to collect. Most of the up and coming ICO projects set the hardcap very high. Most of the set hardcaps are unlikely to be ever reached. But famous or hyped projects do reach it easily. The hard cap is the maximum capital needed for the ICO projects and they will mostly stop accepting additional funding after the hardcap is reached.

If an Initial Coin Offering reaches its hardcap early in the ICO phase then the ICO will end early. The tokens will also be distributed earlier than it was going to.

The hardcap is pretty important because of scarcity which is one of the most important factors for the value of cryptocurrencies. Supply and demand is the main price driving correlation.

Why you should be looking at low Hardcap ICO?

Most ICOs and STOs these days overprice their Hardcap. Following the bullrun of 2017, ICOs become greedier and start asking for huge amount of money. 

An ICO with a lower hardcap usually mean that the team know exactly how much money they need in order to complete their project.

At ICL, we offer a list of ICO with hardcap under 10 million USD. We believe that most project (new company) can easily get started with that kind of budget, don't you? There is no need and no good reason for a new company to ask for a valuation of 15,50,100 or even 400 million USD when the only thing they can show for it is usually a whitepaper.

Downside of a low Hardcap ICO

An ICO with a very low hardcap might have under estimate the cost linked to get their project up and running. As an investors, you have to make sure that the ICO hardcap is fully justify and that it is reasonable enough to get the project going.

As an investor, you don't want the ICO you invested in to run for 6 months and then go bankrupt because the funds are too low right before releasing their product or release a product and then have no more funds for marketing. 

Low Hardcap ICO Checklist

  • Does the project look viable?
  • Does the Hardcap make sense?
  • What happen if the ICO doesn't reach the hardcap?
  • Have you read the whitepaper?
  • Is there Social Media active?
  • What are other crypto investors saying about this ICO?
  • Is the team legit?
  • Sleep on it, Think about it, Never FOMO