Press Release dictribution service for cryptocurrency


Let us manage your Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution. There is no risk here as you can pay only once the campaign is completed and approved by you!

Our services start at a very low price and your Press Release will reach thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiast in a very short period of time. We may also accept your token/coin for the payment.

Our services are perfect for ICO press release distribution and blockchain press release distribution.

We have a catalog of 644 (and growing) cryptocurrency blogs, Telegram groups, Youtube channels, Ico listing sites, Podcasts, and other services ready to publish your PR.

Your Press Release would appear on platforms like:

Press Release Distribution includes

  • 1 English Article
  • 1 Spanish Article
  • 1 Personalized image
  • Promotion in major crypto forums

Benefits of our PR distribution

  • Pay after the campaign is completed
  • Professional Press Release writing
  • Professional Image creation for you PR
  • We accept your token/coin
  • Reach thousands of crypto enthusiast very quickly
  • Over 100 companies have benefited from our services

How it works

  1. Choose one of the services below
  2. We create an article in English, an article in Spanish and a personalized image. Within 24 hours, we will deliver the 2 articles and the image so you can review them.
  3. Once we obtain the approval of both articles, the image and the service chosen, we proceed to start your campaign. In a period of 24 to 48 hours we will give you all the press links.
  4. And the most important information, you can pay at the end of the press campaign, after everything is fulfilled on our side and you are satisfied.


  • 50 Crypto Newspapers = 4000 euros + 200$ in BTC or ETH
  • 100 Crypto Newspapers = 8000 euros + 300$ in BTC or ETH
  • 150 Crypto Newspapers = 12000 euros + 400$ in BTC or ETH
  • 200 Crypto Newspapers = 14000 euros + 500$ in BTC or ETH
  • 250 Crypto Newspapers = 17000 euros + 600$ in BTC or ETH
  • 300 Crypto Newspapers = 20000 euros + 700$ in BTC or ETH
  • 350 Crypto Newspapers = 23000 euros + 800$ in BTC or ETH  
  • 400 Crypto Newspapers = 25000 euros + 900$ in BTC or ETH
  • 500 Crypto Newspapers = 30000 euros +1000$ in BTC or ETH

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